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Valentino Pasta

The Shape(s) of Things to Come…

There is a fine line between razor sharp wit and cheesiness. I may have crossed it with the title of this post-sorry. My brief yet exciting time in the artisan pasta business has taught me a few things. 1. People are strange- we covered that here. 2. Even if you’re a small batch pasta business it’s still nice to have a variety of shapes. I wanted some familiar shapes and some you don’t see everyday. Spelt pasta shapes will be coming soon as I have to do one more test with a new die we just received. With that I would like to present our current lineup of traditional durum and whole wheat pasta shapes…3, 2…1 Top row is lumache and ziti rigate and the bottom row is fusilli gigante and rigatoni.

Lumache (snail shell)Fusilli Gigante -Kicks other fusilli's butRigatoni


Whole wheat is fusilli, gemelli and rigatoni.

whole wheat fusilliWhole Wheat Rigatoni


Cool huh? I’m sure these will change as time goes on, but just wanted to give an update of where we are at.

We  are working on the online store, so stay tuned. There are so many other things I want to tell you, but can’t just yet!  Lastly if you know of a store where our top quality artisan pasta would fit please let us know. Better yet please let the store manager know they should be carrying Valentino Pasta. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Neva says:

    Love all the different shapes!! I also love how the fusilli gigante is larger than the traditional ‘store bought’ shape….I’m assuming ‘gigante means bigger or sonething???We love what you are doing!!!

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