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Valentino Pasta

The Kitchen of The Future!

Not that future McFly, the future where Valentino Pasta will be made silly! One of the first things I learned in becoming a safety certified food handler is that you shouldn’t prepare food that you intend to sell to people in caves, automobile shops, or alleys. It turns out even small batch artisan pasta needs to be produced in a licensed commercial kitchen. As much as I like it rustic :) rules are rules so off I went. The kitchen you see above is a picture of Dream Kitchen in Elgin, and we’re so excited to make be making our pasta there for you! The Dream Kitchen opened last fall and is a beautiful facility with 4 separate commercial kitchens. Everyone there has been so great to work with and really helpful, I would recommend them very highly.

This kitchen allows plenty of space to set up the pasta equipment and still have room to work, package etc. The flexibility of the kitchen is also great (open 24 hrs) in the fact that we can use it as much as we need which will be helpful as business grows.

Speaking of business growing we have a new team member at Valentino Pasta! In the next post I will introduce you to Rosie…can’t wait for you to meet her.

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  1. It’s great to have you Dream Kitchen, Jeff–we are so excited to be the new home of Valentino Pasta! What an exciting adventure you have begun! Blessings!

  2. Neva says:

    Love the “Dream Kitchen” now we’re dreaming of pasta…make the pasta…make the pasta!

  3. DANA says:


  4. Krissi S says:

    I just had my first batch of Valentino pasta that I received from Marie! I shared it with 2 other friends from our MOPS group and hands down we all loved it!! It was truely restaurant quality right at home. I’m not a good cook and I didnt mess this reciepe up, it tasted great and the finishing salt was awesome. I cant wait to have more with the chef himself or buy some, so i can take the credit for a delicious meal.

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