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Valentino Pasta

The joys of recipe testing

Imagine the mysterious voice of your choice whispering this in your ear…”To make the pastaaa… you must treat it like you would a lovely… You must…” Now, SNAP OUT OF IT!! This is food we’re talking about here. :)

I’ve made hundreds of pounds of pasta. I’ve made pasta with eggs, without eggs, fresh, flavored with this and that. I’ve even made fettuccine with my Kitchen Aide that I dried on rack so it can be stored. This is different. Much different. There are certain things that have to be done to get the right texture, there are ways preserve the flavor of the grain etc. It’s harder than I thought (go figure).

So, Rosey and I have been spending quite the amount of time together lately. And we have nothing to sell yet. Lots of pasta, but only for guinea pigs err I mean friends and family to test out. The boys have been tremendous recipe testers and seem to enjoy every batch.

The good news is that over the past coupe of months I am getting it figured out and getting very close to where I want it to be.

Hang in there!


3 Responses to “The joys of recipe testing”

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  1. Neva says:

    Can’t wait to be one of your ‘testers’….hurry…make the pasta…make the pasta!

  2. Jonathan says:

    I would fall into the same category as the “boys” So if you would like to boost your pasta ego then i’ll be a guinea pig.

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