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Valentino Pasta

The 1000 Lb Challenge (not weight loss related, so exhale)

from sheeshoo on Flickr

So, if you’ve looked at the first post here, the Mission tab, or read one of my two (to date :) ) pasta interviews you will see that giving back and feeding hungry kids in America has been a part of this since the beginning. People have really responded to it. Just to be perfectly clear- Giving back will never be an excuse to sell sub par pasta, or get people to buy something they wouldn’t otherwise. Delicious artisan made pasta is and always will be our first priority. Small batch carby goodness for you… that’s why we are here! Feeding kids is a side product of that. Therefore if our product stinks we won’t help many people! It’s why I waited to have quite a few customers and some good reviews to tell anyone any specifics. That takes us to Rogers Park and the Glenwood Sunday Market…

We’ve felt so welcomed at Glenwood Sunday Market from Ann and Sheree, our fellow vendors, and the customers. It’s been a blast! We’ve really become attached to the neighborhood and the people in and around it. Marie said the other night she wanted to do something extra for the community in Rogers Park and I agreed. Through our Eat Pasta, Help a Kid program we will always donate 1 meal for every pound of pasta we sell to hungry or at risk kids in America. The extra is where our 1000 lb challenge comes in. As of this writing we have sold 562 lbs of pasta at the market and through direct referrals from the market. If we can sell 438 more pounds by the end of the August 26th market we will donate an extra 2000 lbs of food to people in Rogers Park! That means one ton of food will be given to people right in the community and that’s in addition to the 1000 meals we will donate otherwise.  St Ignatius Church food pantry serves an average of 925 people each month in Rogers Park. You can read more about them here. It would be really cool if we could do this!

Hopefully we’ll see you at the market.

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