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Valentino Pasta

So, I’m 40…Can you buy me a Vespa?

Turning 40

Photo by atoach on Flickr

Apparently just approaching 40 has made me more forgetful and disorganized than I already was. I see it’s been about two weeks since my last post-sorry!

June 30, 2012. It seemed like such a long time away. Like a dot on the distant horizon. Like a giant bowl of pasta that looked like it would never be empty (I had to try and work that in ;) ). Then…BOOM! I’m mopping up sauce at the bottom of that proverbial bowl of perfectly cooked Valentino Pasta. Forty. Years. Old.

It was slightly depressing, but eventually ended. Kinda like Weekend At Bernie’s 2 ,or a Justin Bieber song. I got some great gifts and cards, and a whole lotta love on the Valentino Pasta facebook page. It was humbling to have so many people I’ve met since this adventure began give so many well wishes. But I didn’t get what I really wanted. That would be a Vespa GTV 300. You see, I need this as part of this whole Italian lifestyle thing we’re working on here. The problem is… Marie didn’t agree that it was a wise business expense at this early stage of the company. So, I’m turning to the amazing power of the extended Valentino Pasta family and the internet as a whole. To help make this happen you can- 1. send money directly to me or 2. buy a whole helluva lot of pasta. Thank you in advance!

Seriously though, I am super excited about what is going on here. We continue to get rave reviews about the pasta and have lots of repeat customers. There is a new online store. We are also donating one meal to a hungry child in America for every pound of pasta we sell. If you didn’t hear it’s called ‘Eat pasta. Help a kid.’ and I am thrilled about how many kids we will help with it. As you can see things are moving at a rapid pace! Any way you participate in what we are doing is more than you have to, so thank you so much. Now, about that Vespa…


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