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Valentino Pasta

Rule 1…Who Is This Al Dente Anyway?

There are a few things to keep in mind if you want your pasta to turn out good when you cook it. I’m sure we’ll cover them eventually, but it makes sense to start with the most important rule of all. I will henceforth refer to this as Rule 1, or The first rule. You should imagine thunder or trumpets playing when you read it.

The first and most important rule of pasta cooking is…Don’t over cook it. Sounds simple right? I think that’s why people can be lax about it. I also think it is the single worst thing you can do to pasta no matter who makes it! Not only have you ruined any flavor in the grain, but any hopes of having a good texture or chew is gone. You will be chewing a mouthful of flavorless mush. Who likes chewing a mouthful of flavorless mush? My toothless former neighbor even hated flavorless mush.

If you have fine artisan made dry pasta by oh, I don’t know…Valentino Pasta, you will see it retains its texture better, and is a bit more resistant to over cooking. However even the best artisan pasta can be overcooked, so pay attention. Set your timer, test every couple of minutes, whatever works for you but please don’t forget about it.

If you can remember this you will probably make pasta better than most restaurants. If you remember this and are using Valentino Pasta (made in small batches :) ) you will also show others you obviously have a higher than normal IQ, and should get a raise. Thanks for reading!


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