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Valentino Pasta

People are strange…Indeed

Jim Morrison had that part right. People are strange and I have been puzzled, bewildered and amazed by them these past few weeks of selling pasta. I’ve enjoyed it tremendously.

There was the person that told me they don’t eat grains so they didn’t want pasta. Then I saw them a couple minutes later eating pizza. The people who would only buy from us if we grew our own wheat before making it into pasta. Seriously?! You expect us to sow flippin’ fields of wheat, grow, harvest, mill it. Then we can turn it into a pasta worthy for you to buy. Lol.

Then there are the collectors. They collect every card, flyer, and recipe you have. They never make eye contact or say hi back and once they collect everything we have they move on. These may be the people we see on those hoarding shows on tv.

Then there are the fresh pasta people. We only buy fresh. Ewww, you have dry pasta? Whateverrr. My response-yes we are trying sell the worst product possible. It’s a new business model. Thanks for stopping by! :)

Then at our second time at a market we had a person make a bee line to us just after opening. Turns out he bought a pound of pasta the week prior. He told us how much he enjoyed it and bought two more. Our first repeat customer.It was strange hearing that for the first time-strange in the best way.


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  1. Bo says:

    Funny Funny…

    God is great, pasta is good and PEOPLE ARE CRAZY lol :)

  2. Mary Valentino says:

    Jeff and Marie,
    Love your sense of humor! And I know I would love your pasta as well… how can I get some?
    Can’t wait till this is in every grocery store.

    • Jeff says:

      Thanks for the kind words!
      We hope to have an online store by the end of summer. In the meantime I’ll try and figure something out…Jeff

  3. Katherine says:

    Jeff – we are neighbors at Glenwood (we sell truffles) and this article made me laugh because I’ve felt this pain SO many times! I think you get a little bit immune after 4 years of markets. How about the samplers, huh? We have people take the tongs and use them as a fork, right into the mouth. Gross! There’s a reason we always bring extras …

    Can’t wait to try your stuff, great writing and hope to see much more!


    • Jeff says:

      Hi Katherine,
      Glad it made you laugh! We’re still developing that immunity. :) I’ve had your truffles a couple times and they’re wonderful.
      See you Sunday,

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