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Valentino Pasta

Happy New Year…Now go find some flour!

Photo By HermannFalkner/sokol on Flickr Flour is flour right? Nope. Just like excellent grapes make excellent wine, the best flour makes the best pasta. Not only are there many different types of flour, how it’s treated also makes a huge impact on the finished pasta. You can start with the best flour on earth and knead it too long, get it too wet, dry it too fast etc and end up with something I wouldn’t serve to (insert name of disliked person here). And like most other things, you get what you pay for…even in the flour business. The artisan …

It has begun…Valentino Pasta!

Hi there and thanks for stopping by! We’re starting a pasta company that will allow us to share our passion for pasta with you and do some good along the way. We’re starting this blog to share the excitement, ups, and downs of being food entrepreneurs. Check back frequently as I expect changes to happen often. Did you know-Most gourmet pasta made in Italy uses wheat from the United States and Canada? Yep. Wheat is grown here then shipped to Italy where it’s made into pasta and shipped back to America! See, that’s just one of the tasty morsels you …

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