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Valentino Pasta

Injury update and new team member

It seems that you need your Achilles tendon functioning properly if you want to walk without being in tremendous pain. Achilles tendonitis and a problem with the electronic knife on the pasta machine kept me on the sideline for the past week plus. Looks like those issues are for the most part taken care, so onward and upward!

Speaking of pasta machine and new team members, I figure it’s time to introduce Rosey. You fans of the Jetson’s will know where the name came from. It’s what I thought of when I first saw the new pasta machine. The machine uses bronze dies to give the pasta somewhat of a rough texture. This allows the pasta to absorb and hold onto the sauce better than more modern Teflon dies. The bronze dies don’t last as long but produce a better pasta in my opinion, so there we go. Oh, and they are a pain to clean! Sorry for the worse than usual pictures. :)





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  1. Neva says:

    Rosey is beautiful!! Love her bronze dies!! I can telk she is ready to makes the pasta…make the pasta!!

    • Jeff says:

      I’m goin, I’m goin! She’s been making plenty, just not any worthy to be sent to you…yet

      • Jonathan says:

        We don’t know whats right or wrong, only you do. I would suggest letting us in along the way so we can understand the process better. I have always been one to learn from what I have been through, so I can really appreciate where I get. What is the timeline to taste? Is this something you can ship? I’ll gladly pay the shipping cost, even for “bad pasta”

        • Jeff says:

          Hey awesome! That make at least 3 or 4 people that are reading. The interweb is so cool. I’m going to make pasta again today, so after it dries I’ll send some over. Don’t get me wrong it’s edible, and even tastes really good. It’s just not where I want it yet.

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