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Valentino Pasta

Happy New Year…Now go find some flour!

Triticum durum (48°07' N 16°27' E)
Photo By HermannFalkner/sokol on Flickr

Flour is flour right? Nope. Just like excellent grapes make excellent wine, the best flour makes the best pasta. Not only are there many different types of flour, how it’s treated also makes a huge impact on the finished pasta. You can start with the best flour on earth and knead it too long, get it too wet, dry it too fast etc and end up with something I wouldn’t serve to (insert name of disliked person here). And like most other things, you get what you pay for…even in the flour business.

The artisan dry pasta that we will be making is usually made with durum semolina flour. Not to get too boring with the technical aspects of protein %, ash content and the like, but suffice to say there are specifics that I am looking for. How was the wheat grown? Did the farmer use pesticides? How was it milled and how long ago? I know for a fact I have ticked off at least one mill with all of these questions but most have been very nice. My hope is to develop relationships with the right mills and farmers to get the best wheat possible and do them justice with how I turn it into dry pasta.

So, that’s what’s going on now. Finding these specific flours and making test batches of pasta to see which ones are best. Mm mm carby.

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  1. Neva says:

    Wow! whowouldathunkit?? All that just to make pasta? Am excited that you are going thru such ‘pains’ to bring us the BEST pasta! Can’t wait!!

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