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Valentino Pasta

Enjoying The Little Things

Sometimes starting a business seems like a bunch of misses with a few wins sprinkled in. As someone who can be a tad jaded at times, this has taught me to take joy in the little things more. Like when a sweet Valentino Pasta stamp or hat comes to my door. I’m excited. When I filled that bag with a pound of pasta and snapped it’s picture to share with you, I thought it was cool. That may not be the case as I package the hundredth bag of pasta, but that’s not the point. Right now, the work that led up to that, the misses that got us here…that helps me enjoy this more. For that I’m thankful.

Ok, back to trying to be funny.

Many people have asked when, where etc they can buy some pasta and I have good news! The first bags are ready! Now, in an effort to help offset some of my initial investment of time and money I’ve priced this “first edition artisan pasta” at $3,406.63 per pound. Should I put you down for 3 or 4 pounds? :) I kid, I kid. In the next week or two I hope to be making about 150-200 pounds of pasta per week, and have more news on where we will be selling it. Still small, but hope to scale that up over the Spring/Summer. Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Michele Buford says:

    Hi Valentinos,

    Just wanted to stop by and leave a message that I am excited for this venture and look forward to being able to buy your pasta online soon! Please give Marie my love and know that I will be praying for much success!


    Michele Buford
    (old friend from Northbrook MOPS)

  2. Neva says:

    This looks so awesome!! Progress! Moving on up!!

  3. Cassie Zurn says:

    Yeah! So excited to try it! Your trip to CA must have paid off!

  4. TXCraig1 says:

    This is very cool, Jeff. I just noticed it. You should tell people about it a

  5. Bo says:

    Wow, you (or your webmaster, or both) added a lot of new content! Very impressive! I like how the articles are not all 100% serious but are still informative and easy to read…very nice touch. Good luck Jeff!

  6. Looking forward to purchasing some of that pasta!

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