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Valentino Pasta

One Year Later…


It was one year ago today I made the first post on this site. What a year it’s been! I started putting the idea together in October and  November 2011 and was ready to announce to the world on Dec 22, 2011. Little did I know it wouldn’t be until then end of April before our first batch of artisan pasta was ready to be sold. If I would’ve known that, I might not be typing this today. I wanted to recap and remember a few things from this year and preserve them on the inter webs for all to …

Like a Phoenix…Sort Of


            *Crickets* So sorry for the lack of action here lately but it’s been crazy!! Machine problems etc have had us scrambling and unfortunately missing most of you! I’m happy to say we will be at the last two weeks of Glenwood Sunday Market, and hope to have the online store up in some capacity soon. I will also be working on a few new recipes for Fall. If you are still there, stay tuned! Bueller?…Bueller?

Rigatoni Wars- A Pictorial Assualt On Cheap Pasta


You may have seen these here and there on our  facebook page and in our Twitter feed. I wanted to put  the nearly famous rigatoni trash talk pictures all in one place for your viewing pleasure. I made these for two primary reasons- 1. I’m witty 2. To show some of the differences between artisan pasta and industrial stuff. Yes, even in the small batch pasta world you usually get what you pay for. If you haven’t yet you should get some of the good stuff and see for yourself.                     …

So, I’m 40…Can you buy me a Vespa?

Turning 40

Photo by atoach on Flickr Apparently just approaching 40 has made me more forgetful and disorganized than I already was. I see it’s been about two weeks since my last post-sorry! June 30, 2012. It seemed like such a long time away. Like a dot on the distant horizon. Like a giant bowl of pasta that looked like it would never be empty (I had to try and work that in ). Then…BOOM! I’m mopping up sauce at the bottom of that proverbial bowl of perfectly cooked Valentino Pasta. Forty. Years. Old. It was slightly depressing, but eventually ended. Kinda …

Rule 2…This Is Not Soup Du Jour

pasta pomodoro

  If you remember Rule 1 you will cook pasta better than most restaurants. Combine that with Rule 2, and you’ll have pasta eating and cooking experiences that will garner respect, praise, envy and longer vacations. Ok, I’m not sure exactly how (or even if) you will get longer vacations but it didn’t feel right leaving off at envy. Rule 2 of pasta cooking  is…Don’t over sauce it! Other than over cooking it, the next best way to ruin artisanal or any pasta for that matter is to over sauce it. If your fortunate enough to be cooking Valentino Pasta …

Rule 1…Who Is This Al Dente Anyway?

artisan pasta

There are a few things to keep in mind if you want your pasta to turn out good when you cook it. I’m sure we’ll cover them eventually, but it makes sense to start with the most important rule of all. I will henceforth refer to this as Rule 1, or The first rule. You should imagine thunder or trumpets playing when you read it. The first and most important rule of pasta cooking is…Don’t over cook it. Sounds simple right? I think that’s why people can be lax about it. I also think it is the single worst thing …

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