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Valentino Pasta

Artisan Pasta-What’s In a Name?

Corporate Personhood
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Ahhh… the great conflict between keeping it real and selling out. Between marketing hutzpa and passion. Between Tebowing to the dollar and ok, get the point.

Just for the record I have no aversion to big business. The buzzwords and lowest common denominator marketing are pet peeves of mine from way back though. But that’s another post. :)

When I hear the word artisan or artisanal I used to get visions of a person that took time in their craft. Someone who makes the best x that they can and you could see the sense of pride in them and what they made. Now those visions are mixed with corporate boardrooms looking over sales forecasts and marketing demographics. For you 90′s music fans it’s kinda like what happened to “alternative” music. You’re ruining the scene MAAANNN!!

The supermarket near me sells “artisan bread that’s baked fresh daily”. What they fail to mention is that before it was baked in the store, it was delivered as a frozen dough ball made in a giant factory that churns out thousands of “artisan” loaves per day. That’s not what I want to think of when I hear artisan. Give me the rustic old people baking bread in an adobe oven dammit!! I have a sense that thankfully, this is changing. More people want more… real. Real products made by real people.

When you see Valentino Pasta, you will be able to see the time and care that was put into making it. When you taste it you’ll know the pride that was taken to bring it to you. That’s the way it should be.That’s the “artisan” pasta I want you to have.

So, is artisan pasta what this should be called? We’ll see when the packaging comes out. Like I said originally things will probably change often around here. It could be worse though. I could call it “Pasta For Foodies”!


5 Responses to “Artisan Pasta-What’s In a Name?”

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  1. Bo Valentino says:

    Wow…how awesome and exciting to see Valentino Pasta starting up, and not just because I’m a Valentino. All of us Italian’s love to eat, but Jeff’s love for Italian food and culture is second to none, which I believe is the key “ingredient” (pun intended) to making this a success…plus you have good taste with the logo (which I voted for, BTW). I really enjoyed the “Artisan” article and agree that too many products get that name slapped on just because its the new trend. Show em’ what Artisan really means, buddy! Cheers!

  2. Pam Maxwell says:

    And where will you be selling this locally made Artisan Pasta ?? It would be great if you could sell at the Elgin Winter Market held indoors at 166 Symphony Way on Saturdays 8am-2pm. You can find them at:

  3. Neva says:

    With your passion for pasta perfection, your love of making people happy through your dishes, your creativity and pride I know your will give new meaning to the word ‘Artisan’! Now…make the pasta…make the pasta!

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