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Valentino Pasta

Mac and Cheese…Bring The Awesome


              When you combine the carby goodness of Valentino Pasta with cheesy goodness you get magic. You get comfort. You get…I got it… You get carby cheesy awesomeness. Yes, that’s it. Carby. Cheesy. Awesomeness. You have been warned. In a dish where the pasta can be an afterthought using an artisan pasta makes more difference than you may think. A good small batch pasta that has been extruded through brass dies and dried slowly will give a great chew and texture, as well as hold more cheese (bonus!). The pasta should be a part …

Like a Phoenix…Sort Of


            *Crickets* So sorry for the lack of action here lately but it’s been crazy!! Machine problems etc have had us scrambling and unfortunately missing most of you! I’m happy to say we will be at the last two weeks of Glenwood Sunday Market, and hope to have the online store up in some capacity soon. I will also be working on a few new recipes for Fall. If you are still there, stay tuned! Bueller?…Bueller?

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