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Valentino Pasta

Ziti with Sausage, Heirloom Zucchini & Caramelized Onion


We gave out copies of this recipe at a recent farmers market and quite a few people commented on how great it was. The ziti with all its rustic charm really lets you appreciate the carby goodness here. It’s also one of my favorite types of recipes for a good artisan pasta. It’s seasonal, simple, flavorful and lets the pasta shine. If you need to you can substitute regular zucchini for the heirloom variety. Ingredients: 1 lb Valentino Pasta 1 – 2 Costata Romanesco (Heirloom Zucchini) Cut in 1/2 Inch Slices ½ Lb Herbed or Italian Sausage 1 Medium Red …

The 1000 Lb Challenge (not weight loss related, so exhale)


from sheeshoo on Flickr So, if you’ve looked at the first post here, the Mission tab, or read one of my two (to date ) pasta interviews you will see that giving back and feeding hungry kids in America has been a part of this since the beginning. People have really responded to it. Just to be perfectly clear- Giving back will never be an excuse to sell sub par pasta, or get people to buy something they wouldn’t otherwise. Delicious artisan made pasta is and always will be our first priority. Small batch carby goodness for you… that’s why …

Whole Wheat Pasta Salad-Grilled and Raw with Sherry Vinaigrette


We made this for a farmer’s market this past week, and it got good reviews so I thought I’d share the recipe. We used whole wheat pasta, but traditional would work just as well. I also think traditional pasta  stores better if you plan on making it a couple of days ahead or eating it over a few days. These are the vegetables we used, but it’s really up to what you like and what’s in season.   Ingredients 1 lb Valentino Pasta 3 Cups Seasonal Vegetables, Grilled & Chopped (we used zucchini, green beans & carrots) 1 Pint Grape …

So, I’m 40…Can you buy me a Vespa?

Turning 40

Photo by atoach on Flickr Apparently just approaching 40 has made me more forgetful and disorganized than I already was. I see it’s been about two weeks since my last post-sorry! June 30, 2012. It seemed like such a long time away. Like a dot on the distant horizon. Like a giant bowl of pasta that looked like it would never be empty (I had to try and work that in ). Then…BOOM! I’m mopping up sauce at the bottom of that proverbial bowl of perfectly cooked Valentino Pasta. Forty. Years. Old. It was slightly depressing, but eventually ended. Kinda …

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