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Valentino Pasta

Rule 2…This Is Not Soup Du Jour

pasta pomodoro

  If you remember Rule 1 you will cook pasta better than most restaurants. Combine that with Rule 2, and you’ll have pasta eating and cooking experiences that will garner respect, praise, envy and longer vacations. Ok, I’m not sure exactly how (or even if) you will get longer vacations but it didn’t feel right leaving off at envy. Rule 2 of pasta cooking  is…Don’t over sauce it! Other than over cooking it, the next best way to ruin artisanal or any pasta for that matter is to over sauce it. If your fortunate enough to be cooking Valentino Pasta …

Recipe-Pasta with Roasted Cauliflower Ragu


Sorry this took awhile! I know I say this often but this dish is fantastic! The best pasta dishes are comforting, satisfying and delicious. When a really well made artisan pasta meets a simple rustic sauce like this it’s  like a punch of carby awesomeness straight to the head. I love roasted cauliflower, so it was an easy win for me. But guess what? The two boys don’t like cauliflower. Did they know? Nope.   Pasta with Roasted Cauliflower Ragu   1lb gomiti or other short pasta 1 med head cauliflower cut into florets, blanched, and shocked 4 oz pancetta …

People are strange…Indeed

Jim Morrison had that part right. People are strange and I have been puzzled, bewildered and amazed by them these past few weeks of selling pasta. I’ve enjoyed it tremendously. There was the person that told me they don’t eat grains so they didn’t want pasta. Then I saw them a couple minutes later eating pizza. The people who would only buy from us if we grew our own wheat before making it into pasta. Seriously?! You expect us to sow flippin’ fields of wheat, grow, harvest, mill it. Then we can turn it into a pasta worthy for you …

Recipe-Spelt Pasta w Swiss Chard, Pistachio and Ricotta Salata


Right now you can find different greens that are in season, and spring onions are also just coming up. Seasonal cooking-boom. Unlike me using fresh tomato in mid April of suspect location, you can make this now with ingredients grown locally. As usual this dish highlights the small batch pasta we make with it’s slight bite and great chew. The nuttiness of the spelt is great but you can sub regular, or whole wheat pasta if you like. The pistachio gives a great crunchy contrast to the soft slightly bitter chard and the ricotta salata has that cheesy salty thing …

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