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Valentino Pasta

Enjoying The Little Things


Sometimes starting a business seems like a bunch of misses with a few wins sprinkled in. As someone who can be a tad jaded at times, this has taught me to take joy in the little things more. Like when a sweet Valentino Pasta stamp or hat comes to my door. I’m excited. When I filled that bag with a pound of pasta and snapped it’s picture to share with you, I thought it was cool. That may not be the case as I package the hundredth bag of pasta, but that’s not the point. Right now, the work that …

The Black Belt Lessons


Maybe it’s because I just watched my 6yo son get his Gold Belt, or the countless episodes of Kung Fu Panda I’ve watched On Demand but I have martial arts on the brain right now. The commitment, skill and discipline to achieve such a goal is impressive if your name isn’t Po. Can I really relate pasta making with the years it takes to become a black belt? Lol, I suppose not…interesting title though so I’ll keep it. Pasta Ninja-whiiTTaa!! Since December I can’t tell you how many pounds of pasta I have made. Most of them leading to just …

Recipe-Squash Sugo with Fontina


Photo from DinasaurDishes on Flickr- What’s the difference between sugo and sauce? Glad you asked. The difference is two things- 1. How much you pay for a dish in a restaurant-sugo sounds more refined and therefore is worth more. 2. Squash sauce doesn’t sound impressive to your friends. Squash sugo sounds like you know what the hell you’re doing in the kitchen! So, I was looking for ways to use the last of the butternut squash and came up with this. Really simple and very easy to make vegetarian. Oh, yea it tastes good if I do say so myself! …

My foot is really ticking me off!!

I really thought that my achilles injury was over with. I had been taking it easy on it and was feeling much better. Not like I should go run 10 miles a day like I have been planning to for …who am I kidding I didn’t plan on running 10 miles ever. I did however think I could walk a mile or two. Not the case. I walked about 5 or 6 BLOCKS not miles this past Wednesday and by that evening my foot hurt so bad I could barely walk at all for the next 24 hours! So, another …

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